The first and only zero-deposit-for-tenants residential rental solution in South Africa.

This innovative new product empowers rental agents and landlords to manage their residential rental stock, by providing an extensive schedule of benefits and protection, while allowing a property to be rented without requiring a deposit from the tenant.

This unique product broadens the potential pool of tenants, who no longer need to provide the one to three months rental deposit traditionally required and includes complete tenant screening and inspections both at the beginning and at the end of the lease term, at no additional cost.

While providing this exciting benefit, a landlord is comprehensively protected and is significantly better protected than those simply holding the traditional deposit. Since the tenant pays the premium, this product provides a win for the landlord (better protection) and a win for the tenant (No deposit required).
Underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company


Mydentity is an Identity Fraud and Indemnity product.

Mydentity is the first identity fraud solution that not only offers first tier protection with real-time credit union monitoring, but should a clients identity be stolen and used illegally to enter into a contract, our team of attorneys will work to rehabilitate the client’s credit profile.

If a client is ultimately held responsible for a debt, obtained illegally and covered by our policy, we will indemnify them.

Underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company

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