The Torus is a circular shaped energy vortex that can be found everywhere, from atoms to galaxies and beyond. Nature appears to rely on this robust, core pattern as a fundamental building block.

The Torus is self-sustaining and constantly creates and recreates energy from its own surroundings.

At Torus Capital we draw inspiration from this powerful force to create exciting new insurance products and platforms. Further, by injecting new energy, concepts and ideas into our products we ensure mutual benefit, sustainability and success.

In order to provide these mutual and sustainable benefits we, at Torus Capital, need to ensure that our products are relevant, effective, efficient and provide enhanced protection for our clients.

With a combined 50 years experience in the insurance industry, our team has the motivation, knowledge and experience to accomplish our stated goals.

Success is part of our company DNA.

Correction to MOI (authorised share capital) is being submitted to CIPC.

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